Scale Up Sustainability – the Five Benefits of WAVES

waves scale up sustainability

Environment, society, and economy working together in harmony? To keep up with the changing requirements of the modern era, WAVES has developed the world’s first sustainability management platform. You can use this platform to calculate CO2 emissions for transport and logistics, allowing you to provide your customers with valid values, optimize your processes, and promote sustainability within your company. Experience the impressive power of WAVES – the benefits speak for themselves!

CONSISTENCY for Developing Solid CO2 Data Streams in the Logistics Sector

Extremely complex transport chains ensure that resources, materials, product components, and end products reach their destinations in good time. This complexity and timeliness must be taken into account when calculating and reporting CO2 values. In other words, supply chains require a variety of CO2 calculations to be performed as seamlessly as possible, for both your own transport activities and those of your subcontractors and partners.

WAVES’s end-to-end system maps this complexity and offers an unprecedented level of consistency. We cover the entire scope of complex, international transport chains. We ensure a uniform data pool by integrating a variety of data sources, allowing us to combine CO2 data for transport activities along the entire transport chain.

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TRANSPARENCY for a Detailed Overview of All CO2 Emissions

Keep an overview with WAVES: the more complex the transport chain, the more important the data pool on which it is built. WAVES uses high-performance digital systems to instantly process a wide range of data and prepare it in a format that is easy to understand. The CO2 results are communicated automatically, either externally at customer or shipment level or internally via vehicle or location balance sheets.

We ensure that you retain an overview based on your own data at every data point, linked up across every stakeholder within the transport chain, every vehicle, every trip, and every shipment. We offer you unprecedented levels of transparency!

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COMPETENCE in Analyzing CO2 Data

Do not limit yourself to the standard average data used by everyone else on the market. If you want to put CO2 data to practical use (e.g. as a foundation for making key decisions regarding partners, suppliers, and investments), the data needs to come from your company’s immediate environment, rather than a general database! In addition, the people involved need to understand and be able to interpret individual the CO2 values for which they are responsible. In the past, this was not always easy. The more complex the supply chain, the more diverse the information gained from analyses.

We have made it our mission to create a solution to meet this challenge. WAVES offers you standardized data analysis, boosting professionalism whilst also requiring less of your time and resources. Our solution provides you with a preconfigured, customizable expert dashboard, making it easier for you to begin professional CO2 management without having to become an expert in sustainability!

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OPTIMIZATION of CO2 Emissions in the Logistics Sector

CO2 is the new international currency! Society wants to know the emission values of products and services, and these are already a factor in consumers’ and companies’ decision-making. Logistics plays a key role in this, as it is responsible for around a third of the planet’s CO2 emissions. It is therefore extremely important that logistics specialists understand the causes of their CO2 emissions and take a targeted approach to replacing them with CO2-reducing alternatives. As a result, CO2 emissions are increasingly becoming a significant factor in decision-making!

Use WAVES to put your company under the microscope and identify your biggest causes of CO2 emissions. Use your own individual CO2 data and an easy-to-understand analysis of the CO2 results to make targeted improvements and communicate them to third parties. We give you the ability to take independently informed decisions for your company!

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LEGAL SECURITY in Calculating CO2 Emissions

Demand for CO2 accounting is constantly rising, from both customers and legislators. This means that the next few years will see a steady flow of new corporate climate protection requirements via a wide variety of EU regulations and national laws. One direct example is the 2021 CO2 tax that will increase fuel prices. However, it is also happening in indirect form via an obligation to provide proof of your carbon footprint as a key part of establishing a valuation of your company for the finance sector, which could make credit more expensive or even result in funding or investment being refused. Every single company is affected. European and international standards form the foundation for compliance with these specifications, and are currently being constantly updated, particularly in the transport sector.

We understand international standards in the logistics sector and use them as the basis for our calculations and reports. Our software provides you with standard-based supporting documents for compliance with customer requirements and legislation. This saves you time and resources whilst also increasing stakeholders’ confidence in your CO2 data. We cover both current and future standards as well as planned legislation!

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